We are recruiting groups of four or five people who work together to participate in a focus group.

Focus groups will:

  • take place using video calling at the convenience of the group
  • last for around two hours
  • provide a £100 High Street voucher for each participant in recognition of their time.

To participate, please have a look through our study information which contains important information about the ethical procedures we are following, the data we’re planning to collect and how we’re planning to store and use it.

If you have any questions, please contact Sandy Gould.

If you’re still interested in participating after reading the study information, please complete the form:

Each person who participates in the focus group must individually express their interest through this form and freely consent to participate. No one should feel coerced to take part. To 'link-up' individuals who work together, we are asking for prospective participants to provide a team 'codeword'. Everyone who intends to be part of the same group must use the same codeword. The codeword should not be the name of your employer, random words are best: "TidyYellowJumper", for instance.

We’re trying to balance a few things in our sampling. We will contact groups that we have selected to participate. Note that your information will only be used for the purpose of recruitment for this study.